What Is 8 Slices of Pizza Inspirational Story, Anyway?

8 Slices of pizza.

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Wife: Don’t put so many clothes for wash. Maid has said she won’t come for two days.

Husband :Why ?

Wife: She said she is going to meet her grand daughter during Ganpati festival. And, Shall I give her Rs. 500 for Ganpati Festival bonus?

Husband: Why? Diwali is approaching, we will give her at that time.

Wife: Oh no dear. She is poor. Going to meet her daughter and grand daughter, so she will also feel nice. Moreover, everything has become so expensive these days. How will she able to celebrate festival?

Husband : You ! I don’t know why you become emotional so easily.

Wife : Oh dear, don’t worry. I am going to cancel today’s program of ordering Pizza. Why unnecessarily blow away Rs. 500 on eight pieces of stale bread.

Husband : Wow. Great. Snatching Pizza from us and giving to the maid !

Maid returned after three days and got busy in mopping and dusting.

Husband asked her.. So, how was the vacation ?

Maid : Very nice sahib.. Didi had given Rs. 500 .. festival bonus.

Husband : So you went and met your daughter ? and also met your grand daughter ?

Maid: yes sahib. Enjoyed a lot and spent Rs 500 in two days time.

Husband : Really ? Ok so what did you do with Rs. 500?

Maid : Rs. 150 for dress for grand daughter, Rs 40 for a doll, bought sweets worth Rs 50 for daughter, Rs 50 as offering to Deity in temple,Rs 60 towards bus fare, Rs 25 for bangles for daughter, bought a nice belt worth Rs 50 for son-in-law, balance Rs 75 gave to daughter to buy copy and pencil for grand daughter. Maid gave a full account of the expenses incurred.

Husband : (Surprised) So much in Rs 500?

With surprise, he started thinking.The eight pieces of Pizza appeared in front of his eyes and each one of them acted as a hammer started pricking his consciousness. For the price of one Pizza, he started comparing the expenses his maid had incurred during her visit to her daughter.

The eight pieces of Pizza floated in front of his eyes.

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First piece ... dress for the child

Second piece … towards sweets..

Third piece … towards offering to the deity in the temple.

Fourth piece ... towards bus fare.

Fifth piece ... towards doll.

Sixth piece ... towards bangles,

Seventh piece... towards belt for the son-in-law.

Eighth piece... towards copy and pencil.

So far he had observed pizza only from one angle. He turned it upside down and observe how it looks like from the other side but today his maid showed him the other side of the pizza. The eight pieces of pizza showed him the real meaning of life and the meaning of “Spending for life” or “Life for spending”.

Edited and forwarded by Capt. Ravi Mahajan Retd.

Slices Of Pizza Inspirational Story

Some translation in Hindi.

Pizze ke 8 sanskaran 

Patnee: dhone ke lie itane saare kapade mat daalo. naukaraanee ne kaha ki vah do dinon ke lie nahin aaee hai. pati: kyon? patnee: usane kaha ki vah ganapati utsav ke dauraan apanee bhavy betee se milane ja rahee hai. aur, kya main use ru. ganapati mahotsav bonas ke lie 500? pati: kyon? deevaalee nikat aa rahee hai, ham us samay use denge. patnee: oh no diyar. vah gareeb hai.

apanee betee aur naatee se milane ja rahee hai, isalie use bhee achchha lagega. isake alaava, in dinon sab kuchh itana mahanga ho gaya hai. vah tyauhaar kaise mana paegee?

pati: tum! mujhe nahin pata ki aap itanee aasaanee se bhaavuk kyon ho jaate hain. patnee: oh diyar, chinta mat karo. main aaj pijja ordar karane ka kaaryakram radd karane ja raha hoon. anaavashyak roop se rupaye kyon udaen. baasee rotee ke aath tukadon par 500. pati: vaah. mahaan.

Pizze ke 8 sanskaran: Inspirational Story

hamase pijja chheenakar naukaraanee ko de diya! naukaraanee teen dinon ke baad lautee aur ghaas kaatane aur dhool phaankane mein vyast ho gaee. pati ne usase poochha .. to, chhuttee kaisee thee? naukaraanee: bahut achchha saahab .. deedee ne rupaye die the. 500 .. tyohaar bonas. pati: to tum jaakar apanee betee se mile? aur apanee bhavy betee se bhee mile? naukaraanee: haan saahab. bahut maza aaya aur do din ke samay mein 500 ru. pati: sach mein? theek hai to aapane ru. 500?

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naukaraanee: ru. bhavy betee ke lie dres ke lie 150 rupaye, gudiya ke lie 40 rupaye, betee ke lie 50 rupaye kee mithaee khareedee, mandir mein devata ko prasaad ke roop mein 50 rupaye, bas kiraaya 60 rupaye, betee ke lie choodiyon ke lie 25 rupaye, 50 rupaye kee ek achchhee belt khareedee daamaad ke lie, 75 rupaye kee shesh raashi betee ko bhavy betee ke lie kopee aur pensil khareedane ke lie dee gaee.

naukaraanee ne kharchon ka poora hisaab diya. pati: (hairaanee se) 500 rupaye mein itana? aashchary ke saath vah sochane laga. pijja ke aath tukade usakee aankhon ke saamane dikhaee die aur unamen se pratyek ne ek hathauda ke roop mein kaam kiya jo usakee chetana ko chubhane laga. ek pijja kee keemat ke lie, unhonne apanee betee kee yaatra ke dauraan apane naukaraanee ke kharch kee tulana karana shuroo kar diya.

pijja ke aath tukade usakee aankhon ke saamane tairane lage. pahala tukada ... bachche ke lie dres.....
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