How to get rid of mobile addiction from kids?

In today's time, mobile phone addiction has become a big problem among students and most of the parents are struggling with it. They ask what we should do? In today's time, even in classroom teaching, we have started praying for mobile phones. Children come home first to see that the teacher did not put homework on WhatsApp.

Some children have to check the mobile phone every hour because if any of their friends asked any question. Today, most of the students do a Google search to see the answers to their lessons. Now it has become a big issue that parents also want children's education and want children to pray for mobile at least. Before discussing further, we summarize the main questions whatever we are going to talk.

  • How to get rid of mobile addiction while studying?
  • Teenage Cell Phone Addiction: Are You Worried about Your children?
  • Ideas to get rid of mobile addiction from kids

How to get rid of mobile phone addiction while studying?

My friend tells me that when he comes home from office, his kids stick to the mobile as soon as they come. This gets furious for him and says get out of my phone.

Children complain to mom that dad doesn't give them a Smartphone to run. Now father is also angry and maternal uncle is upset. This has become a common practice in many homes. After all, what to do, the use of technology in education has become very common now. Parents also want to keep children away from cell phone addiction.

How to get rid of mobile habit of children?

Nowadays, small children are getting addicted to mobile phones. How can children be saved from this habit? Is it necessary to keep children away from mobile?

The use of mobile in education has become so much in today's time that we cannot even stop using mobile. What to do then?

Nowadays, there are so many options in mobile that we get tired of them. YouTube has done the right thing.

My ten-year-old daughter does not do her homework without mobile. Whenever a mobile is found throughout the day, it's wordlessly engaged within the mobile as if somebody is doing an awfully tough task. On the opposite hand, Karthik of the neighbor doesn't take the name of going away, the mobile in his hand. If you elicit mobile, it says that I'm look videos of facts on YouTube. This can increase my General knowledge. Is it very right for kids to check on mobile throughout the day?

Such experiences inspired me to find out what are the ways by which we can get rid of mobile addiction of children. As a parent, teach your kids how to use mobile properly and disciplined. How do we educate the children that they should use mobile only in moderation, not uncontrolled?

Is it really right for children to study on mobile throughout the day?

Let's assume that students learn a lot from mobile. This benefits them. But the reality is that the rays emanating from the mobile not only harm the eyes, but also harm our nervous system and brain. That is why we must keep children away from mobile as much as possible. The main concern is how to get rid of mobile addiction while studying. What should we do for this? We have many answers. We can do this in many ways.

How to teach disciplined mobile behavior to a child?

Hopefully, there are many ways to learn disciplined mobile behavior to a child. There are a few awesome tips, that will be helpful for you.

We can suggest children to play physical games instead of mobile games. Take the children to the playground. There they will feel like with other children, there will also be physical exercise, and they will sleep comfortably after getting tired of it. Blood circulation is accelerated by jumping.

By awakening the interest of books in children, we can also keep them away from the mobile. Give books of interest to them so that their concentration becomes. When children make a habit of reading books, their attention towards mobile will decrease. Believe me, once you have done this, then your child will himself distance himself from the mobile.

Children in general interested in smartphones for playing games, browsing or watching videos on YouTube. They enjoy watching YouTube videos, specially cartoons, TV shows, etc.

That's why it becomes necessary, that you let them watch the video on 'YouTube for Kids' instead of the normal YouTube. YouTube for Kids app is specially designed keeping in mind the kids.

Smartphone and creativity of the child

If you want their all round development to happen, then spending time on screen alone cannot do it.

Engaging the children in some work or the other. If possible, let them do the work of their interest. Take help from them in your work. When you make children do some work by saying that I need your help, they are pleased.

Even after engaging in some creative work, children start staying away from mobile, such as painting, making new things, dancing, drama, judo karate, cycling etc. Not only will their spare time be spent well, but their physical development will also happen.

Should parents follow mobile discipline

Parents also learn to follow mobile discipline themselves.

Apart from this, do not use too much mobile in front of children. Actually, when children see that usually my parents are engaged in mobile, they think that mobile is probably the biggest means of entertainment, so they also start getting lost in mobile.

Some good ways to get rid of mobile addiction while studying

  • Attract the child towards nature and as much as possible take the children to the park for outdoor games like cricket, badminton, volleyball.
  • Make a friend group of children because often in loneliness, the child is more attracted towards mobile, make children social as much as possible!
  • Keep giving your child such a task, which develops his creative potential.
  • Give the child a pet instead of a mobile, so that children can learn to interact and express emotions.

How to use technology to get rid of mobile addiction?

If your child is very stubborn and does not obey easily, then you can also break his mobile habit thanks to an app. Download the app named Cracked Screen Pranked on Google Play Store. Set the timing of screen cracked in this app. As a result, the screen of your mobile will appear cracked, and the child will leave the mobile in fear.

Give more time to your kids

how to get rid of smartphone addiction to kids

Children need the most love and care of the parents as well as the whole family. In such a situation, you must spend more and more time with the child. Engage in some activity with them, as a result, your child will gradually stop using the mobile.

Take care of the child's entertainment too

Keep in mind that children get bored with the same routine rapidly, so try to keep their environment changing from time to time. Make proper arrangements for children's entertainment. Lest the child start considering mobile as the only means to overcome boredom.

Many of my friends often tell me that they are very upset. Their children keep asking for mobiles to study. In such a situation, if they have to do some important work or call someone, then they get disturbed. Don't we, as a mother or father, do naughty things in front of children? Frequently, many parents make mistakes, and they do not realize it.

While teaching children, if you do not know the answer to any of their questions, then do not open Google suddenly and sit down. If you do this, then the child will think that it is not wiser than dad, then it is your Google, let's ask this next time. This is where the problem starts.

The very funny thing is that the child does not make a habit of mobile, we make the child used to mobile, somewhere to save his life and later blame the child that. We have to learn how to avoid distractions while studying. If we learn it, we can manage our childern about the right use of smartphone.

If, you have been searching the answers of these questions like-How do I get rid of my child's mobile or How to keep kids away from mobile addiction. This article surely help you.

How are parents responsible for inculcating mobile addiction in young children?

Because of what I have seen, my assessment is that he is 100% responsible, foremost, by taking his mobile, he will keep his eyes in it and children will not disturb him, so they will also give mobile. Later, when the child becomes addicted, he will put all the blame on the child. Parents are also responsible for the mistake, and they should understand this.

Can't we make such a setting in our mobile so that the child can use the mobile limited?

You can activate parental settings in some basic apps if you like. For this reason, any kind of adult content, harmful apps etc. will not be able to come in front of them. They will get only that content, which is of their meaning.

If it suits you, you can hide any specific app or apps from his account or phone.

You can set a limit on their account or phone, this will automatically lock that account or phone after that limit is reached.

You can lock their account/phone from anywhere whenever you want.

It also shows you the real-time location of that child. You can use 'Family Link' to help locate them as long as they have the phone with them.

It is useful to activate Parental Settings in Main Apps.

Teen also will want more privacy. They may want to keep their WhatsApp chat and social media conversations private, and they may spend a lot more time in their room with the door closed.

Child has a tendency to follow the elders as well. It’s important to keep an eye out for mental health issues and drug use.

How deep is the reach of Smartphones, it is known from some research. Few children in our country have access to tablets and phones from an early age. Research shows that on average, children ages 8 to 10 spend about 8 hours a day with different types of media.

Along with this, there is also the shocking fact that older children and adolescents spend about 11 hours a day with the media. Now that today's students are spending more time with technology, it has become crucial to monitor both its effects and side effects.