The Surprising Truth about Disciplined Mobile Behaviors for Child

How to have disciplined mobile behavior for a child? The Surprising Truth about Disciplined Mobile Behaviors for a Child.

It is time we have to explain to the children that discipline equals freedom. The increasing use of information technology in education has made us all accustomed to it. It has become necessary to discuss mobile discipline or disciplined mobile behavior. Children are also no exception to this. Due to Covid-19, the time of using mobile among the students have definitely increased. It has both sides for kids – good and bad. As a parent, I have to keep both the aspects in mind. Before starting this post, we have to learn the role of disciplinary techniques in child development. What is discipline meaning and why it is important for everyone. What are the effective parenting discipline styles?

In today's time, all the children and teachers are using mobile for learning. Mobile learning was a very optimistic concept until a few years ago. It used to be a magical tool for all of us, like Aladdin's lamp. Well, to a large extent it was true and still is today. We all saw how mobiles, tablets, and computers helped children and teachers to learn a lot during the time of Corona crisis. But today there are many parents who are troubled due to the addiction of excessive use of mobile by the children.

Before understanding this problem properly, it is important to listen and understand some questions of parents-

At the time of lockdown, I did not have any problem in reading from my children's mobile, but now they read less on mobile, they play YouTube more.

My kids are used to playing games on mobile, and now they are irritable. What to do?

Throughout the day, children are glued to mobiles for studies, which is harmful for their health. What should be done for this?

How do I explain the meaning of mobile self-discipline to both my children?

Both my kids keep fighting over mobile. I am very upset. How do I explain to children?

Now my daughter wants to understand anything, instead of asking me, she searches on mobile. I guess it's not right.

My 12-year-old boy uses the mobile on the pretext of studying all day long. I am distressed. Will moving more mobile not harm health?

What are the standards for balanced mobile usage?

Is there any way to teach mobile discipline to a child?

Whatever rule you make to learn self-discipline to the child, always stick to it, then the children will also understand its seriousness. You have to teach them how to get maximum outputs in minimum efforts. For example, if you have made a rule that the TV will run for only one hour in the house, then you should not run the TV for more than one hour in any case.

It is an important question—How to get rid of mobile addiction from kids? We have to learn how to make a balance between smartphone and study.

What's the Best Way to Discipline My Child?

Discipline equals the freedom is a great lesson to teach a child. The most effective positive discipline strategies are redirection, positive reinforcement, single-word reminders, “time-in” (carving out quality moments with your child), and selective ignoring of objectionable behavior that can be use.

ways to learn children suitable smartphone uses.

Google's family link app for parents

There are a few techniques helpful for parents. For android users, Google's Family Link app is accessible at no cost at the app store, permits you to produce a deadline for daily usage further as a “bedtime” amount once your kid is prevented from mistreatment the device. If your kid desires longer, they'll send a missive of invitation to your phone.

Academic discipline and teacher's role

What is academic discipline and how parents can give the children self-discipline examples. It is often seen that when an attempt is made to discipline a child, instead of improving, they become more defiant or become submissive. Disciplining the child properly is also an art. Teachers can play an effective role for parents to teach the children self-discipline better.

How to teach child the appropriate uses of mobiles?

Vinay ji was anxious about his children using mobile phones throughout the day. I could not refuse them due to studies and had to give mobile. They used to think that using mobiles for a long time was having a bad effect on the mental health of the children. They wanted the children to learn to follow the self-discipline in terms of mobile usage. And use mobile only where and for as long as really needed.

Actually, he was worried that children use mobile less for studies and more for games.

I advised them that if you can give a tablet to your children instead of a mobile, then it may be better. There were some reasons in my mind behind this, such as the weight of the tablet being more than that of the mobile; the children would not be able to keep it in hand for a long time.

The second reason behind advising to use the tablet was that it will be longer and wider than the mobile, so that children will not be able to keep it easily in hand for a long time. I had only these arguments in my mind, and I gave them a suggestion.

He bought a tablet device for the children.

When Vinay ji met after a few days, I asked him how long children stay online now and how much they use the tablet.

He was pleased and said that your suggestion has worked wonders. Now the dead children just see the things of their studies and keep them. I am pleased now that my children neither stay online for long nor they play video games. Yes, now they are superb in terms of self-discipline.