Mobile learning in Innovative Teaching

In the last few years, teaching technology reveals innovative opportunities in teaching-learning. Websites, laptops, computers, and smart whiteboards are a few examples of modern tools for innovative teaching. The innovations in education technology will be more and smarter, faster, and learner-friendly. Mobile learning is one of the most innovative ways which will be noticed and is also going to be adopted in innovative schools. In the 21st century, we will see a lot of modification in our schools and classrooms. Mobile learning is a nice example of technology integration in education. Let's discuss on M-Learning.

Smartphones are very effective in teaching. Various touchscreen mobiles are useful to use technology within the classroom and also online learning.

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What is mobile learning?

Mobile learning or M-Learning is defined as teaching-learning using mobiles and smartphones. These days mobile phones have more features and facilities where teachers can upload any learning material such as texts, pictures, and multimedia or in another format. Both teachers and students use mobile or smartphones in expressing and receiving ideas. It is a one-way and two ways learning depending on various factors. When a student learns by mobile phone anywhere, and he only learns by instructed learning material; it is called one-way learning. Two ways of learning are defined as interactive learning where students can learn, and he can ask any question and the teacher can find out the feedback. Modern technology is going to play a great role in teaching and learning.

Mobile learning kya he

Kya hai mobile learning? With the help of mobile and smart phones students learn.

Aap Jante he mobile learning kya he. Mobile ki madad se school me padhai kese karwaye. Mobile learning. M-learning or mobile learning is “learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices”. A form of distance education, m-learners use mobile device educational technology at their time convenience.

Mobile-Helping way of learning

Alternate or helping way of learning? Mobile learning allows us to extend the scope of education beyond the physical confines of a classroom. We can access quality content from home or office, communicate with a large community of learners and teachers, and work online.

What are the advantages of mobile learning are?

Mobile learning has many advantages. Students can learn anywhere, anytime according to their convenience. It is a facility for students to access learning material, and he can read, write or download, and he can learn it again and again. Learning in a mobile age is really a fantastic experience for students. Mobile learning is a supportive learning technique and the benefits of mobile learning will be counted in the future at the performances of many schools that are using M-Learning as a learning initiative. Mobile Learning is an extraordinary supportive concept in teaching-learning in 21st-century classrooms.

Shifting in learning patterns

It is a method that is shifting in learning patterns. More and more learners now prefer multimedia to stay engaged in a learning environment, for example videos, podcasts, and audio.

The Advantages Of Mobile Learning are astonishing. It gives Flexibility to learners.

Mobile learning minimizes the learning barriers. If any student could not attend the class even a day, he can access the lesson on his mobile or smartphone. Mobile learning has a vast capacity to provide homework in a digital format, too. It is a wonderful idea for teachers to provide homework in digital format. Teachers can evaluate the homework online too using websites, blogs, and social media.

M Shiksha Mitra mobile Application is one of the innovative applications for teachers of school education department, MP, India. The advantages of the M-Shiksha Mitra App are extremely beneficial. This app makes teachers able to view the payslip on their smartphones easily.

Interactive classroom mobile learning

Interactive classroom mobile learning means using a mobile phone or smartphone as teaching-learning material. It means both teacher and student use smartphones in the learning process. For example, when a teacher in middle school engages the students in the respiratory system on a smartphone to learn the multimedia presentation and after a session, he tells the students to solve some questions related to that topic; evaluate the answers using online feedback, he is using the smartphone in interactive classroom learning.

Smartphones and mobiles are being used for experimental teaching in many schools. It is an example of using a mobile phone in classroom teaching. In recent few years, we will find more upgraded mobiles and smartphones which can change many concepts in mobile learning.

Active and passive mobile learning

Mobile learning may be different types of active mobile learning, passive mobile learning, interactive mobile learning, and classroom mobile learning. Here we are talking about active and passive mobile learning.

Active mobile learning means a learning process where students play an active role in learning. He is not only a visitor, but he can use different input and output devices to enjoy and learn.

Passive learning means there is no need for student interaction; he is only a visitor or listener. Hence, it is also very useful in innovative learning.

Mobile Learning in e-literacy

Mobile, tablets, and androids have a great potential to educate people. Now, in these days, internet literacy is a very new concept for educators and educational professionals. M Learning is a great tool for e-literacy, where teachers can teach numerous people using information and communication technology. Mobile learning is a fascinating way of teaching where teachers connect to mobile learning. In the coming few years we can see a lot of mobile learning apps available for students where students can solve their problems using mobiles. Mobile technology will provide various need-based apps in education. It is very fascinating to learn by mobile phones.

Will mobile learning replace the teacher?

Not, mobile learning is a facility in teaching and learning. It provides a facility for learners to learn anytime, anywhere, and it minimized the different physical barriers so that students may get more and more benefits. It should not be treated as a replacement for teachers. Furthermore, it is a mode of learning that has the features of distance learning and interactive learning, but the benefits of classroom learning can be accessed only in the classroom.

In this article about “Mobile Learning,” these are my ideas. What do you think about this? Please share your valuable ideas about this post.

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