Key Points in Childcare Training - Greeting Teachers and Children

Did you observe the need for Childcare training courses should be mandatory for you as parents? It is a necessity that parents require some knowledge and experience to rise there appropriately to deal with children. Many families attend different types of training courses. Obviously, these courses might be useful for some of them, and they are very helpful to learn about child psychology. If you are a professional willing to deal with such childcare training sessions, this article will guide how to greet teachers and children in childcare training. We are going to focus on some key points.

Key points in childcare training for greeting teachers and children

In this article, we will discuss an important aspect of childcare training. The importance of a few inspirational techniques is obvious. Greeting a trainee with a smile impacts a strong impression. I know a doctor named Mr. Ratan Jain. He is not a high-profile doctor, but his behavior with the patient is excellent. When any patient come to him, he always spent a bit of time with him with a great smile. I observed, patients feel get relaxed at their clinic. Similarly, as a master trainer, your simple behavior help to make a positive learning atmosphere.

Key points in childcare training

the childcare training useful tips

Pounding childcare training … With the cooperation of the surrounding teachers, greetings on the first day and daily are influential to create an environment that makes it easier to practice. This time, as an apprentice and a member of society, let's think about what kind of greetings are desirable and how you will use the best practices among them.

The Basic Points for Greeting Teachers

There are a few key points, you need to understand them when you start the training process.

Basics of greetings

The art of greeting is very significant, and it lasts the first impression. As you teach children, the basics of greetings are cheerful, smiling, and energetic! When you are nervous, your facial expression tends to be stiff and your voice tends to be quiet. Be conscious and try to give a bright greeting.

Furthermore, thinking about the way of introducing yourself in a nursery school is a key point to becoming a smart trainee. Let's be able to say hello briefly during childcare and busy hours.

Greetings to the teachers on the first day

For apprentices, the greeting on the first day is an important opportunity to determine their first impression. Depending on the garden, you may greet the whole person during the morning assembly time, and in a garden where you do not have time to gather, you may not have time to greet all at once.

If you have time to greet calmly, I would appreciate it if you could at least convey the school name, faculty name, and one word of greeting.

You can use some useful keywords for teachers.

Greetings to the class teacher

In addition to the director and the chief/homeroom teacher who greeted you on the first day, you will meet many staff members. It is influential to say hello to you at any time, rather than just passing by saying, “I'm not directly involved”.

All teachers are involved in accepting apprentices. Moreover, if you tell a little behind-the-scenes story of the site, there may be quite a lot of talk about trainees among the staff.

“That apprentice didn't say hello to me.” “I was doing this over there.” No! Let's know.

Greetings to Children-How to Greet Them

After greeting the teachers, the next step is to say hello to the children. There will be occasions when you will introduce yourself at a meeting of the entire garden or at a class morning assembly. The point here is whether it can be conveyed in words that children can understand!

Surprisingly, there are many trainees who introduce themselves casually, saying, “I'm ABC from the XYZ University and in PQR faculty. I'll be in the training for ABCD weeks.” am.

From a child's perspective, to make it easier for children to understand, “I came to study so that I could become a nursery school (kindergarten) teacher.” “I came to see what kind of work the teachers are doing.” Please try it on.

And let's talk slowly with a bright voice so that the child can easily hear it. I think it will be more impressive.

Points to Attract Children

Older children will pay attention to just the words, but in younger classes, if there is something that appeals visually, the attention will increase! You can try to devise a name tag or have a puppet.

Innovative ideas for using a sketchbook

There are no rules, such as writing a big name using a sketchbook, drawing a picture of your favorite food, etc., so let's put the idea into shape. In addition, you can introduce yourself attractively by combining words + vision, words + music, etc. without trying to convey everything in words, such as by incorporating songs and hand play.

  • Introduce yourself in a short time so that it does not affect your childcare activities.
  • Examples of self-introduction for children
  • Incorporating the points I mentioned earlier, I will introduce myself while using the sketchbook!
  • Apprentice: “Good morning! The teacher's name is…”
  • Show a sketchbook with “Apple” written on it.
  • “Can you read it?”
  • Children: “Apple”.
  • Apprentice: “Ping-Pong! The teacher's name is Apple. Please call me Apple!”
  • “What is your favorite food …”
  • Turn over the sketchbook and show a picture of a banana.
  • “It's a banana. Do you like bananas?”
  • Children:: Yes!
  • Apprentice: “You're with the teacher!”
  • What's your favorite animal?
  • Turn over the sketchbook and show a picture of a bear.
  • “It's a bear.” I came to study. I want to play with everyone, so please invite me a lot.

By using tools and interacting with children in this way, it is more impressive than just giving a name and greeting. Please think about various ideas.

The Last day greeting

The training is finally over. I would like to give a closing remark on the final day and finish the training comfortably. How much the trainees have learned will lead to the joy of the teachers.

On the final day, please share what you have learned and your impressions of spending time in the garden, along with your words of gratitude. The impressions of the trainees are valuable opinions for the teachers as well, and the approval of childcare will lead to encouragement in the future.

  • Let's convey the happy memories and feelings of “Thank you” to the children. It would be nice to give a little farewell gift.
  • Fold sweets at the beginning and end of the training
  • “Do you give presents to children on the last day of the training? Do you not give them?”
  • Is it necessary to fold sweets at the beginning and end of the training? You will be successful in impacting the sweet impression.

Since the training is accepted by the school as part of the education, there is basically no need to fold sweets. School teachers may take it to the training school, but students may think that it is not necessary. If there is guidance from the school, please give priority to that.

Final Words

Greetings are important communication for working comfortably with each other, both during training and after going out into society. I would appreciate it if you could learn not only childcare skills, but also manners as a member of society through practical training.