Computer literacy or internet literacy: The modern perspectives in educating the team members

The modern perspectives in educating the team members
We watch in these days everything is going to be online. The modern and smart executive officers in different companies and organizations are motivating their team members to learn computers. There are several team managers and chief executive officers are realizing the power of computer and internet in company’s productivity and effectiveness on working. They are organizing literacy programs in computer and internet. Some innovative team leader focus on computer and internet literacy course.It is right that computers literacy is a plus point for any organization, but there is a different perspective in computer literacy. 

Educate team members to computers or educate them to internet and digital learning  trends. We can think also about Smart Class. It is a nice idea to train the staff in internet technology instead of computer operating. Is it not wise worthy? Computer literacy is a well known phenomenon in education. We saw a crunch in “computer training”, “computer coaching classes” and “computer courses”. But when we look about the productive view of it, we seem that “internet literacy” is a more effective phenomenon. Why “internet literacy” is a fascinating concept? It is fascinating because everyone learns easily through interesting objectives and attractive activities. So our target word may be “internet literacy” instead of “computer literacy” what do you think? 

Internet literacy in education

Internet literacy is the need of modern education and modern educational institutions

Internet literacy is the need of modern education and modern educational institutions. The proper use of internet and computers is very helpful for them in global competition. In many countries team leaders know the importance of internet. The smart educational institutes of the world are aware for internet literacy and they are providing the technical support and training to their staff. Some institutes are running literacy programs for team members. They are aware for computer and internet literacy courses. They know about the need of basic computer education. It is very essential to face the global competition. In near future “internet literacy” will be the most important objective for educational institutions. 

What is your opinion? Please share.

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