Teacher’s Active Role in Smart School and Smart Class Education

Teacher’s active role in smart school and smart class education

              In our teacher’s teaching training programs, we have to put some topics on “teacher’s role as a facilitator in learning”, because now a day’s it is being more fascinating in smart and active teaching learning methodologies. In this post we are discussing about the role of a teacher in a smart school’s smart class. First we discuss about what is a smart school?
A smart school is a modern school using smart and active technologies in classroom teaching as well as school management. It is the technological aspect of the smart school, somewhere there should be various schools that are smart without the help of any technological support and appropriate infrastructure. Hence it is not our topic of discussion. We are discussing about smart school and smart class using internet, e learning approaches and multimedia devices to make school and classroom smart and modern. It is the next generation of classrooms. Now traditional learning is being replaced by "smart learning".

What is a smart class?

Smart class is a modern and smart class using multimedia, internet and e learning devices in classroom teaching. These classes are something different to traditional classes, because traditional classes use traditional teaching learning devices. Smart classroom is a "White board classroom", using white board (Projector), computers and multimedia in classroom teaching learning. In future we may hear some new word for our classroom; such as "Digiclass", white board classroom or e Based classroom. "Smart Class" is a modernized method of teaching learning techniques. Our education is going to be modernized and is going to be using “Interactive white board teaching learning techniques in schools”.

What the role of a teacher in a smart class?

We have discussed about smart school and smart class, so it will be easy to understand about smart class education. We have to realize the difference between the traditional teaching learning and the smart teaching learning methodologies. Traditional teaching learning system is something different than modern teaching learning system. In modern active and innovative learning system teacher’s role is going to be as a facilitator. So in smart class, it is clear that teacher’s role will be as a facilitator.

Teacher should be an expert of smart learning, e learning and online education:

Teacher should be an expert to smart learning and smart education. He should be trained for it. He has to know how to use computers and internet in classroom teaching-learning. Teachers have to know the innovative use of smart and innovative teaching learning.  
Teacher has to know how to use interactive learning technology in classroom. In a smart class, it may be possible to use interactive learning technology through online learning. Online education and eLearning will be the more attractive aspect of smart school classes in future.

Teacher should be friendly with students:

Teacher should be friendly with students. If teacher is friendly with student, students can ask any question to the teacher. Students feel easy to solve doubt with a friendly teacher. Sometimes teachers have to find out student’s interests and creativity, the friendly nature of the teachers makes students easy to use their creativity.

Teacher should have a great attitude to smart education:

If teacher do not have a proper attitude in smart education, we cannot find desired output from smart class and smart education.

Teacher should be a facilitator in learning:

Teacher should be as a facilitator in learning. It will be very nice if teacher’s role will be as a facilitator in learning. Smart learning makes students easy to learn with multimedia, computers and internet. Teacher has to facilitate them in learning. He has to teach students how to learn from multimedia, internet and the other innovative means of learning.
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