Interesting Tips in Teaching Geography

Interesting Tips for Teachers in Teaching Geography. Innovative ideas for teacher.

As the other subjects in Social Science, Geography has some teaching methodologies approved in schools. Some teachers use “Active Learning Methodology”, while others use “Activity-Based Learning” or so many. Teachers are using different methods in teaching Geography. Generally, they pay attention on methodologies, but there is a need of discovering some innovative teaching techniques useful and effective according to the topic or lesson. Here we are discussing some techniques in Geography teaching which may be useful to draw student's attention within the classrooms.

Interesting Tips in Teaching Geography for Teachers

Teaching geography interesting tips for teacher

Good geography teachers set high expectation of their students – for their geographical knowledge and understanding, the quality of their work and their behavior. In every activity your students engage in, you should define your expectations and share these with the students. Good geography teachers know about the right uses of appropriate teaching learning material.

Learning by Discovering

Learning geography beautiful ideas to teach

Various fascinating discovery methods can be use for students.

Fascinating technique for teaching geography

In Geography teaching, it is a very fascinating technique. Mostly, many teachers teach by books or a prepared lesson plan, so they do not need to do quite different. But it is a good idea to do something new as the need of lesson. Interesting Tips in Teaching Geography.

When teachers teach about the globe, a map or about a geological concept, they apply a traditional method. But if they begin their lesson with a story or with a captivating talk, they will get the success student's attention on a particular topic.

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“The Geography of Australia”

Australia Geography

Similarly to when you are going to teach a lesson about “The Geography of Australia”, tell a story about a movie or discuss news about Australia, and then ask students to discover different places in an Atlas or a globe. Students will discover the places in a map, atlas book or on the globe. Teacher will play a role of facilitator. He will help the students in this discovery.

How nice! A half work has done. Then go to your lesson and talk about the places who you have discovered in atlas. Now students can learn easily. By using this technique, you became success to apply different teaching methodologies in your classroom like “Active learning Methodology”, “Activity-Based Learning”, “Self Learning Method” and collaborative learning. This technique helped to increase student's confidence and now they or prepared to go to the next journey of learning with you. (Now they know how to learn with fun.)

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How to teach Geography with an interesting way?

In this article about exciting tips on Geography teaching, these are my ideas. What do you want to say on this? Share your valuable ideas and experiences on education and also on this topic.