Online exam virtual reality

Online exam: A reality of virtual education 

In the journey of virtual education we have been seeing many fast, emerging and innovative changes. Online examination is one of the best example for the scope and wider approaches of virtual education which made education easy, fast and accessible all over the world. Virtual education gave us a lot of scope of learning anytime anywhere around the world. Now online exam is the reality of virtual world in these days and has the great scope in itself. It is the great example of technology integration in education

The concept of online exam

online exam: online examination and online evaluation, 21st century edutoday

What do we mean by online exam? Online exam is a modern system of examination where student sits in front of a computer and appear in an online exam where questions are presented by computer. He has to answer the question on computer. In other words we can say it computer based exam monitored online.

Why we need online exam in spite of traditional written or oral exam? Several reasons are behind online exam. In 21st century e learning and online education has a significant role in learning. Online education or virtual education is the modern and innovative means of learning. In virtual education the learners learn by various modern means of learning like computers, internet or by multimedia. Virtual education minimizes the physical presence of the learner. Teacher and students are able to be connected without face to face interaction. 

Exam at home

Virtual education provides them to study at home or at the learning centers situated in remote areas. So when the teacher and students are not connected face to face, how the teacher evaluate the students. Thus concept of online exam or online evaluation came into existence. “MOCK TEST” is the most famous example of online evaluation used in online education. 

The effectiveness of online exam: 

The most important question of this discussion is what the effectiveness f online exam is. Why online examinations should be appreciated? The answer is very simple. Online exam or online test is very simple and they provide a fast result. Online test or online exam is the need of online learning and it is the most convenient for virtual education. Now many universities are conducting online programs for learners. They are able to examine the students as traditional examination but they are able to prepare result very quickly and fast. 

Exam by Mobiles and computers

They use computers, mobiles and internet in this process so various online exam software help the teacher to get online results accurately. Sometimes online examinations are cheaper than written examinations. Online examination and online test are cheaper and very convenient. Online exam is a pioneering tool in innovative education. Legitimacy of online exam: Various experiments show the legitimacy of online exam and online exam system. In many countries several boards of examinations conducted it successfully. Online exams are very convenient for online learning courses as well as different competitive exams. 

In this article about online exam, these are my own ideas. What do you think on this? What are your opinions about online exam?