8 Reasons to Stop Blogging for a Period

Reason to stop blogging for a blogger

As we take leaves from our daily duty, blogging is also needed to take a leave from blogging. In other words, we can say it is a period to stop blogging. I am not saying that this is a full stop but it is a small or quite a long break from all blogging activities. Why it is needed and what are the reasons behind this? Let's summarize the possible reasons and the advantages of a break from blogging.

Few Valuables Reasons For Them You can take A Break from Blogging

Before discussing this topic it is useful to classify the bloggers and the blogs. Mainly blogs can be classified into two categories: official and personnel. Official blogs are run by an institution which may be a Government organization or a private company. Here blogging is official activity to represent the ideas, information, and requirements of the institution. The other one is the personal blogs which are written and maintained by an individual or a group of individuals. It can be a money-making blog or a blog for self-interest. Here we are discussing the second one.

8 Reasons to Stop Blogging

We should learn how to take social media breaks to improve mental health.

8 Reasons to stop blogging for a period

1. Stop blogging to be relaxed: Everyone wants to be relaxed after a period of work. Blogging is a hard job and when anyone wants to establish his/her own blog as a popular blog, he/she has to do hard work on the blog to write the posts, research, and also in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Bloggers who are ambitious about blogging devote their time, mind, and money (Why not...?). So when any blogger decides to take a long break that means he is going to be relaxed and wants to gain more energy for his next work.

2. To spend time with family: As we talked that ambitious bloggers have to spend more time on various blogging activities so they have to minimize their time with their families. So leaving blogging can make them helpful to spend more time with their family. It is a good idea to pay the right attention to your family and your friends.

3. Stop Blogging to divert the interests: Actually blogging is similar to writing in many ways. Writers think and imagine any particular topic and then write their articles or a story. When bloggers/writers leave writing/writing for a period that means there is a chance to divert their attention to different topics. It is a chance to flourish their interests. A successful blogger uses many new and fresh ideas to keep his blog fresh and update and interesting. A long interval in blogging activities can be helpful to discover more ideas than the recent topic of blogging. For example, a blogger who blogs in English can start blogging in regional language. This type of strategy is very helpful to get new readers.

4. Leave Blogging for New Niches: It is a pretty idea to get new niches that stop blogging for some time and find new niches and scopes. Just example an Edublogger who is blogging on education and paying all attention to educational articles does not have more chances to discover new ideas in another niche like self-improvement, personality development, etc. But when he stopped blogging and enjoyed the blog-sphere as a reader he can find more new niches and scopes. A short break in blogging gives more ideas to discover new ideas.

5. Carrier opportunities outside the blogging: A lot of bloggers are making money with blogging and many new bloggers are in the race. Blogging is indeed a smart carrier for skilled and intelligent bloggers but making money by blogging is not so easy. When bloggers look outside the blogging area they can see other carrier opportunities so. Blogging as a carrier is an attractive concept but before deciding to make a carrier as a full-time blogger it is very important to know your potential and your capacity to stay in this field otherwise do blogging as a hobby. A long interval in blogging may be helpful to find out the other areas of opportunities.

6. Stop blogging to know your blog's value: When you had established a good position, you should have to check or evaluate your value. It is a good idea when we have decided to go onward. A break allows us to evaluate the value of our efforts.

7. Stop Blogging to Know the Real Visitors: People who really like you want to read you again and again. When you stopped blogging for some time they would like to connect you in various ways. So a break is an opportunity for bloggers to know much more about the regular visitors. Visitors want to visit their favorite blog again and again so do not make this break too long.

8. Stop Blogging for Better Performance: It is also a good idea to improve our performance. A little break (Maybe one week or one month) from blogging gives a "Free" time for full-timers or part-timer bloggers to do their best in another field. As this blog is named "Innovative Education" so when we give examples of teachers who are using digital platforms or blogs as teaching tools. We can say that if teachers will take a leave from "Digital Learning", they find the opportunities to teach in other ways. A holiday gives us time to entertain. Blogging also needs an interval to rest. What is your insight.......?

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