Family Tree/Family History: Smart Class Activity

Making a family history is a very fascinating activity where students prepare their family history in various ways. It is an innovative activity under a co-curricular activity where the teacher facilitates the students on how to prepare family history or how to make a family tree. It is a good idea to teach the students to research, maintain a family records and learn history in an interesting way. Now, smart class will be run in various schools and teachers should have to keep a variety of innovative classroom activities to engage the students in classrooms.

Parivar ki vanshavali online kese banaye?

There are two general ways to make a family tree in schools. The first one is the teacher prepares the family tree thanks to students and parents and the second one is the teacher giving students it is homework.

How to prepare a family tree?

A teacher can use card sheets giving the students. There are numerous options to complete this activity.

Nowadays, there are various websites that provide online tools to make a family tree. Many websites help users to prepare a family tree online within a couple of seconds. It is easy and exciting to make a family tree online. Those websites ask step by step information and display on the dashboard your family tree. Users can edit, delete and add anything to this family tree.

If users want to share their family tree with their friends or relatives, they can share it as well. It is a useful and interesting learning activity for smart classes, where teachers can engage the students in this project. As smart and interactive learning techniques, there are many online tools and activities available on the internet where teachers can demonstrate and use these online learning tools and can make learning fun.

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