Health Tips For Examination

During examination period students are in very pressure. They have to do a lot study. Due to very hard work sometimes they became ill. Here we are discussing some useful tips about how to maintain our health during exam period:
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1)  A proper sleep keep maintain our body healthy. Students should take proper sleep and rest as well as.
2) Take fruits and salad in your diet. Fruits keep our body healthy and fresh. Healthy food and healthy lifestyle keep you healthy and sound during exams. Good health tips are always helpful for students.
3) Maintain light and fresh air in your study room. If you ignore these things you may be in trouble.
4) Take intervals during your study. It will be very useful to refresh your mind and your eyes.
5) Maintain light entertainment and games in your daily routine. It is useful to recharge you.
6) Avoid oily food, because it may become you ill.
7) Do your work, do not take tension.

During examination time several boards of education run helpline facilities for students. Students may call them for exam related queries and can solve their problems. Students should use these help lines to solve their problems. Sometimes these helpline are toll free.
Examination Tips by Anil Sahu

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