Learning by Science Exhibitions

     Science is a very fascinating subject. Science has a great opportunity to create creativity and activeness among the students, but in many schools it is taught by a traditional way and teachers do not try to make it creative and interesting. Here we are talking about how to make science teaching exciting, funny and easy to learn. There are many innovative techniques to find out more and more opportunities from this subject. Science exhibition and making science models is one of them. Let’s talk how to use these activities in a school and how to create student’s interest in science so the teacher and students both feel science easy and captivating. Science Exhibitions are the Great Opportunities for teachers to teach Science.


Science exhibitions: learning outside the school:

      Many schools organize a school level science exhibition every year. It is a great idea to arrange an outside visit for those schools to visit the science exhibition. By visiting those exhibitions, students can learn about different scientific lessons, and they will be able to know many scientific facts by visiting method. By visiting a science exhibition, they can learn the importance of science exhibition. By this activity, teacher may be able to create scientific attitude among the students. He can teach students about the objectives and meaning of science exhibition. Visiting other school’s science exhibition is a nice activity of “learning outside the school”. By visiting a science exhibit, a student can learn how to make a science exhibit. There are many Regional Science centers in India in many cities where students may visit science exhibitions and much more. They can also participate in different scientific activities like science quiz, science related competitions, science workshops etc.

Science pradarshni

Science exhibition: learning inside the school

     There are many activities that can be done inside the school, just like science exhibition and making science models. Making science models is a very fascinating activity. This activity depends upon the different factors and available resources. If school manager has the required resources he may organize science exhibition in his schools, but if he does not have enough resources he can do another activities like inspiring students to prepare the scientific models. Students can learn by preparing the scientific models. There is teacher’s different role. He can be as a motivator (Teacher as a motivator). Teacher has a great opportunity to develop student’s creativity by preparing science kits or models, involving students directly (teacher as a facilitator). The great way is teacher play a role as a facilitator in learning.

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Interesting learning techniques for schools and teachers

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