Computer Added Teaching Learning Materials (T.L.M.)

Innovative Ideas About Teaching Learning Materials. A computer is useful for teachers. They also use computer-added teaching-learning materials for students.

How can computers help in the teaching-learning process?

Information and communication technology is ready to play a creative and powerful in education 21st century. The use of Integrated computer technology is an innovative and emerging concept in modern education. Technological development is the main factor for changes in the education system. Many governments are aware of the technology integration in education. As soon as we can make the whole education system e based and online, we have to replace several learning models and methodologies according to the need of the future. It becomes more useful to discover the materials for teaching using the internet.

Integrated learning

In an integrated computer technological environment, the teacher has to use quite different and modern teaching tools such as teaching-learning material (TLM) and a smart lesson plan for his preparation. Here we are talking about Teaching Learning Materials that may be used in an integrated computer technology classroom.

Smart Teaching Learning Materials for Computer Enabled Classrooms:

In an Integrated computer technology enabled classroom he can use the traditional T.L.M. and he can use the e-based T.L.M. what is the computer technology enabled T.L.M.? The answer is simple.

In a traditional classroom, the teacher uses the traditional T.L.M. but in an Integrated computer technology-enabled classroom he can use the traditional T.L.M. and he can use the e-based T.L.M. what is the computer technology enabled T.L.M.? The answer is simple. Those teaching-learning materials use computer technology. They can be viewed on computers or can be displayed by projectors within the classrooms.

Computer as Geography TLM

For example, if a teacher teaches geography in a class, he can use the computer for showing the maps. In a smart class, a teacher will find many innovative teaching-learning materials like a whiteboard, laptops, projectors, and sound systems for classroom presentation. They have a good facility to discover the best uses of materials for teaching. In the coming few years, many schools and colleges will be smart and online. So, it is clear that computers and the internet will play a great role in the teaching-learning process. Many dedicated websites provide materials for online learning for every class. You can use them.

Computers in mathematics Teaching

We all know that computers are being used in our daily life. Mobiles are also a mini-computer. They can perform various activities like a laptop. In mathematics teaching, there is a great scope for computer teaching. Geometrical shapes like squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles can be explained easily by using computers. Technological teaching may be easy, effective, and impressive by using computer-added teaching-learning materials. You can discover various ready-made educational teaching materials for mathematics.

Teaching Tools for Integrated Computer Technology Classrooms

There are many innovative and useful teaching tools available for teachers. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are reaching every sector of life. ICT will be the more fascinating strategy for educational reforms and development in education. PowerPoint is being used by many teachers. There are several e tools available for teachers for teaching and learning. A lot of innovative work will be done. We will talk about many innovative ideas about teaching-learning materials and teaching tools in the next posts.

Learning outcomes are the important goals that we want to achieve. A computer can help us if we know how to use it. In this article, these are my ideas. What are your innovative ideas on this topic? Have you prepared the appropriate materials for teaching the students? Do you use a computer as a learning tool? In your daily teaching process, did you use computers for learning purposes? Share your valuable ideas with this post. If you want to know more about this blog “Innovative Education”, please the page “About This Blog”. You can visit and like the Google Plus page “Innovative Education” to get all links.