Reasons Why Teachers Should Write Blogs

Reasons Why Teachers Should Write Blogs. Analysis of the possible reasons and arguments for writing blogs.

Internet technology connected people with each other who are living across the countries. It is something like saying “The whole world is a village” or even we can imagine the concept of “Global Village” where the distances became too short to contact each other. Similarly, when we discuss schools, education, and teachers we find the wonderful uses of information and communication technology. Writing blogs can play the outstanding role in getting enough knowledge and experience.

Blogs, social networking websites and portals are the most common examples of this. Generally, many people use social networking sites for sharing their ideas, and they do not need to start own blog, but here I want to put some top reasons why teachers should write blogs. These are my ideas.

Reasons for teachers to write Blogs

There are several positive reasons why a teacher should keep a personal social media brand or a blog to write about.

Blog as Digital Profile:

Only a few people aware about blog writing. When anybody writes their own personal blog, that means he is going to share something to others. He can put his information in his blog. Teachers can make their blog as their digital profile including their educational qualification, their achievements, and their innovations and special efforts. They can put this information in a separate page, or they can link their Google plus profile with the blog. So blog is also as a digital portfolio of a teacher. Did you ask yourself Why should I write a blog?

I want to write a blog. What materials and information should be in a teacher's blog? What are the best blog writing ideas?

In a blog, they can put their ideas about any topic and can decorate their blog with few pictures, greeting, and paintings so. We can say that blogs could be used as “Digital Portfolio”.

It is an easy way for teachers to express them online in a self-controlled way.

Teachers Planning and Getting New Ideas:

As much social networking sites teachers can write their future planning and ideas about any topic So blog is a means of getting new ideas and suggestions too. A blog is the place where different readers read one post and comment if they need it. So, it is a useful mode of expressing our ideas to others.

Teacher's education blog is a helpful source of social interaction. When we get famous in a particular field of any subject, many people contact us for the solutions for their problems. We find several experience and innovation ideas. Yes, we can use many of them in our day by day school teaching. It is inspiring and creative.

Blog is the one place for many things:

Bloggers can put different articles within one blog, tagging them into different tags. For teachers, it is a very suitable place to put their ideas, stories, teaching experiences and even personal news so maintaining privacy policy. Do not put private information visible for others. Teachers can write posts on many topics as educational ideas, stories, poems, riddles and other things. If anyone has any great idea, he can publish that on his blog. Blog is the place where all posts can be put under different tags, and they can be searched easily.

Blogs as students' connection:

Many students want to read their teacher's ideas, articles, and stories. Blog is the best place for it. It is a straightforward way to be connected with teachers. If there is an e-mail ID provided in the blog, anyone can connect you via e-mail.

Personal Diary:

Top reasons why teachers students write a blog. Advantages of writing blogs.

Sporadically, we have many ideas and stories to share with others, but we could not share them. Blog is an ideal place for it. Teachers also want to share inspirational stories to others. They can blog them.

Collaborative Teaching-learning:

Internet made easy to be connected with others via online. Blogs are the easy way to share and read other's story. Teachers can write their ideas on their blog. It can be used as an easy source of getting information and sharing ideas. Tags are the smart way to classify different posts under different sections. Teachers of different schools can discuss and share their ideas on different methodologies and can solve their problems too.

Blogging as Personal Improvement:

Blogging is a great source of getting knowledge and interacting the people with the same ideas. When we start blogging, we read other's blogs too. Blogging is useful to enrich our vocabulary and word power. It is useful to improve our writing and reading skill too. The blogs which is full of inspirational articles and quotes are very helpful for us.

Blogging for strengthening the writing skills

Being a teacher always matters to the good quality of writing and presentation. Writing blogs regularly is very helpful in improving both of these. It is significant to make a presentation to a crowd of people to make a presentation to your ideas. Writing a blog gives a great help in sorting and editing ideas.

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