Teacher Teacher Communication: The Positive Impact

      Good Communication is a vital part of educational process. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) makes it easy to communicate with each other and even we do not know anyone personally we can talk him/her via Facebook, Google+, Twitter or by many means of modern communication. Many people got benefit by this and they have been using theses mode of communication and exchanging their ideas online.

      As online world proper communication is also very important in real life too. A good communication system is also important in schools with parents, teachers, teachers and academic bodies. Management institutions teach their students/trainers proper communication skills. A proper communication needs in educational institutions as schools, colleges etc.
Why many educators emphasize on good communication practices? Why a teacher's well communication is important for student's progress?

       Suppose any student is very weak in fundamental Mathematics, Social Studies and language (Hindi). Suppose there are separate teachers for each subjects. When all teachers sit together and discuss about that particular students they can identify student's learning level, difficulty level, the weak areas of his subjects and they can do with a better way. Here we can see the positive impact of good communication environment.

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Good communication system in School

Why a good communication system is needed for schools? What are the positive impact and advantages of good communication and coordination? Lets discuss it with an example.

      Suppose if there is a communication gap among the teachers; every teacher will experiments with his own way. If those teachers communicate with each other and mange school's time table for communication and discuss about students and school related issues; they find a better opportunity to learn, to teach, to solve their problems and to develop the school.

Is communication schedule needed?

       In a school or any other educational institution there is a schedule for daily routine, educational activities and for other activities. In a common school we find some time and it should be utilized properly for school and students development. Lunch break, before the daily prayer and after the last ring are the few examples where teachers find the short time periods.

     There should be different communication ideas for different schools/institution according their system. It is a well known fact that communication skill is a very positive thing to motivate the students, parents and it is capable to bring out good results. As schools arrange parents-teachers meeting there should be an idea for need based teachers-teachers meeting too.

       A good communication and gathering of staff members is a very important part of management. It should be well managed. What is your opinion? 

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