Learning Gaps an Educational Story

Learning gaps and teachers strategies. How to track gap in learning. Wise story teacher's helpful efforts for students. intervals between two sessions.

Issues in intervals between two or more sessions

There are many problems and issues have to faced by the teachers within the school and the classroom. New education system is focused on providing quality education for all. So it is a remarkable thing to know about gaps in learning. How to track the progress students who affected by gap in learning.

Learning gaps

Learning gap or gaps in learning is one of them. The word 'Learning Gaps' is generally not to be considered by many teachers because many teachers do not think deeply on such issues and the depressed and depressed by students learning gaps, student's gaps in attending the school. Today we are discussing on this issue why students feel learning gaps and why many teachers feel the problems of gaps in student's attendance in school and what are the possible reasons behind this.

 Inspirational Educational Story

The Meaning Of Word 'Gap' The word Gap is used by the intervals in two or more than two sessions. In schools when we are talking about student's learning gaps in education or students learning gaps in classroom, it is clear that we are talking about his/her attendance in school, his attention in attending the class, his attention and punctuality to attend the periods.

Learning gap is a main problem of many schools. There may be different reasons of students learning gaps in classrooms. Many times students feel some learning problems so they do not want to go to school.

Stories are a very effective means of understanding the many concepts. So here is a story telling about the learning gaps:

Learning Gap- The Story of Sona Sona is a 6th grade student. She did not attend the school since last two months. When teacher contacted her at home he finds many arguments delivered by Sona as:

I did not attend the class since a long time, how can I complete my home work....?

I did not attend the class since a long time, How can I complete the writing work...?

I am not prepared in many subjects...! My teacher will punish me..!

I did not learn many lessons..! What will happen if my teacher would ask any question me...?

Just think on above arguments and doubts provided by Sona.
Sona is like the other students who think so.


Sona is imagining like others. She has many doubts and queries and she feel that she is right.

This story of Sona is answering our many question about students gaps in education and students gaps in classroom.

Yes there are many students think like Sona. Learning gap is a main reason for where many students feel themselves helpless. But gaps are not a solution of any problem.

What is the solution in case of Sona?

 Sona came back to School.

Sona's teacher helped Sona and cleared her doubts. He realized Sona that it is not a big problem. Many students feel such problems and there is a solution for it. He will treat Sona with a friendly behavior and they will ask other students to help her. His teacher helped Sona to complete her homework and classwork by paying special time and attention on her.

How nice after one month...!

Sona is one of the best student of the school.

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