Defense Mechanism

What is Defense Mechanism?

Defense mechanism is a very usual activity which may be observed many times in schools as well as our daily life. Defense mechanisms psychology is an important part of education. When we look as an educational perspective, we find many interesting and well-known facts and habits related to defense mechanism. Yes, there are many behavioral habits and activities which may be noted and there are many solutions of such activities too. There are many stories which can describe defense mechanism well, but we look up the definition of defense mechanism first.

There are various ways to identify student's problems and their abnormal behaviors. Activity-Based Learning strategies can help the teachers to find out many issues as well.

The definition of Defense Mechanism

Defense mechanism is an unconscious and conscious process of an individual to defend, escape from conflicts, frustration, and depression so that he/she can make an adjustment in the society.

Absolutely, we can say that defense mechanisms psychology is a great factor which can affect the student's learning.

Defense mechanism can be understood by abnormal behavior of any person. Occasionally, when people show abnormal or extraordinary behavior, they are defending themselves. As a school teacher or school administrator, it is essential to understand the difficulties and the root of the issue, so they can help someone.


How does study of defense mechanism help the teachers?

Many problems are caused by different defense mechanism related factors, so it is important to understand the basis of the problems so that teachers can help the students better. When teacher can realize the issue properly, he can solve it correctly. In a school, there are many problematic children who need our special care. The teachers can help them properly, if they know about the defense mechanism.

There are many examples where students act in a different ways' it may be the result of depression or repression or any other psychological disorder. I would like to share the stories where we can learn the defense mechanism well. If you have any story about this topic; feel free to share with us.

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