How teacher can improve student motivation?

Motivation is an important factor of all achievements. As a teacher, there are so many needs of motivation in delivering knowledge towards students. In this article, we discuss how teachers can improve student’s motivation. A proper inspiring environment makes the total environment interesting and supportive. Obviously, a teacher is the main part of the learning process and motivation is a helping factor for teachers.

How can teacher improve student motivation? Let's discover the new ways to motivate the learners. Can you imagine the advantages of being a teacher as a motivator?

There is a great question you may ask here. How can a teacher play a great role in motivation process of students? We summarize a few straightforward ideas that can help you better.

We observe many students waiting for a particular teacher every day. Why do they feel more comfortable with such teachers? It is because of their way of delivering knowledge and their skill to deal with students. If a teacher can create a fresh and fascinating environment in the classroom, it will be easy to achieve the learning objectives. All of these things become easier with art, which can motivate students. They know when and how to motivate students to learn?

Types of motivation

There are mainly two types of motivation-

  1. Intrinsic motivation.
  2. Extrinsic motivation.

How can teacher improve student’s motivation?

Here are a few important ways to grow it.

A successful teacher is a good leader as well. He uses different motivational techniques in the classroom. Furthermore, he knows how to make students eager to learn. He knows how to make students eager to learn. A skilled teacher knows how, by using some effective tips, he can get his students to talk.

Importance of motivation in learning-Motivation is such a catalyst that has the power to inculcate a passion for learning in children. Unless there is a zeal or enthusiasm in the mind for anything, then there is no joy in learning that thing. But when learning is enjoyable, both the learner and the learner benefit immensely. The right motivation has amazing benefits, which is definitely a great thing for a student.

What is the importance of motivation in learning?

Motivation is a powerful factor which influences learning.

The simple ways How teacher can improve student motivation If you are a teacher, you might observe the importance and need of motivation. Perhaps you have used different types of motivational strategies among the students. A teacher also plays various roles like teacher as a friend, teacher as motivator. It is important to use many motivational strategies to increase students' achievement. By using proper and powerful techniques, you can gain the learning goals easily.

Ideas for teachers to improve student motivation

Here is a list of useful ideas to improve students' motivation.

Get students involved in learning process

Students are a significant part of the learning process. Making the participants in the learning process is certainly a very commendable step.

Children also get pleasure from this. Many activities can be added to this. Such as encouragement to ask questions, quiz activities, painting, and science exhibitions etc. Due to this, children are very motivated and a positive effect of this can be seen in their educational emoluments.

Setting clear learning goals before teaching

This step is very essential to keep your student motivated at all times. It is advisable to set clear learning goals before each lesson is delivered. I have seen many teachers who do not work on learning goals before the lesson; their lesson becomes boring for students.

It will help students to understand what is expected of the teacher and what they will be going to discover in a few minutes or hours.

Create a safe and welcoming environment

As we know, a teacher is an essential resource of all academic achievements. He should create a safe and welcoming environment in his/her classroom. A warm welcome speech at the beginning motivates the students. Teachers should guide students in making assignments, preparing notes and other important tasks. All such efforts make the environment safe, helpful and welcoming.

A warm welcome speech at the beginning motivates the students. It is an wonderful idea.

Reward children for their good work

Appreciation and rewards always act as a strong motivation. When children do a good deed, do not skimp on praising them. When there are many occasions like annual festivals in the year, then children should also be rewarded. This will inculcate the urge to do good work in the children. It is also a good idea to encourage children to participate in quiz and story-poem competitions.

Giving children opportunities for leadership and self-discipline

Giving children opportunities to lead are also of great benefit. In every class, there is a class leader. If you like, change every month and make new class leaders. This will give more and more children an opportunity to lead.

You can also create different types of committees in your school and assign certain responsibilities to each of them.

Occasionally, it should be left to the children to decide what they want to do today. Watch their activities and be sure to praise their good work. This will give them opportunities to learn leadership, and also they will try to manage many disciplinary matters.

Don't be miser in praising students

Every child has the urge to hear his praises. This appreciation is an element that is more effective than any other motivation. Never be miser in praising children. Appreciation of children affects in two ways-

One, the child who is praised will try to do better work and the second effect is that other children will also try to do such a thing that they also get praise.

Get used to talking to kids

When you make a habit of interacting with children, it will bring many benefits. Every child will feel comfortable in class. Children will be able to easily share their problems with you. Interacting with children gives them a sense of belonging. Recognizing their feelings can help them to be normal and comfortable.

An environment in the classroom that makes children comfortable is very helpful in their learning.

Try to be friends with kids

Try to be a good friend of the students. Children have many concerns due to which they cannot concentrate on studies. He can share such things only with a friend. When you are friendly towards children, then they can openly talk to you as well.

A friendly behavior also helps children develop a sense of respect for teachers.

Friendly behavior towards children is a good psychological technique, on which a lot of work is being done nowadays.