Slow Learners and Fast Learners: It Needs to Justify The Both Types of Students

     Slow Learners and Fast Learners. In day by day classroom teaching teachers earn many experiences and learn many things about the students. Schools are the place of learning as well as teaching. 

Teacher has to face many challenges and while facing these challenges he learns many new things day by day. If there are few needs that means there is a need of innovation in education. 

In this post about the slow learners and the fast learners, it is only a discussion and it is the discussion about the problems facing by the teachers in day by day teaching. There may be a lot of traditional and innovative ideas to solve the learning problems of the students.

Slow Learners and Fast Learners

     Within the classrooms teachers have to interact the different types of students; some are very intelligent and some are quite weak. Teachers get many experiences while teaching. Some students learn very fast and some students learn slowly. Some students need only guidance and some students need a hard work and regular attention. Generally on the basis of their learning speed we can classify them in two groups; fast learners and slow learners. 

Each type of students has different learning attitudes and learning habits. It is also an interesting fact that some teachers take it easy while some teachers think that it is a problem to teach both type of student. Hence it is a very common fact and it should not be considered as a problem. A class may have different types of students and it is an opportunity for a teacher to teach them. 

There are many smart and active learning methodologies for teachers for students. Hence here we are talking about both types of students.

The fast learners: 

     The students who learn fast are called fast learners. Obviously their learning speed is more than the peers. Generally many teachers find it easy to teach these students. Why not? There teacher's work becomes easy. Teacher can teach them fast and he is capable to complete the syllabus within the time. It is an important issue for a teacher to ensure the learning achievement of each student. He needs to justify the both types of students; slow learners and the fast learners. 

The slow learners:

      Slow learners are the students who have slow speed than other students. They learn slowly. There are a few problems for teachers to teach these students. There are a limitation for time period and teacher feel difficulty to complete the syllabus and when he run fast the students feel problem in learning. In a group of slow learners teachers need to maintain the speed of teaching and he has to adjust according the students. Slow learners need patience and a regular monitoring. But there is an interesting point too; many teachers feel easy to teach the slow learners and they keep the patience. 

Slow learners vs fast learners:

In classroom teaching there is a limitation of time period and when a teacher finds students with different learning level; he has to use some extra efforts and techniques to teach the different types of the students. 

Generally a question rose in mind, how to justify the slow learners and fast learners? I think that this question is very important because the each student has the right to education and it is teacher's responsibility to teach the each student. A teacher is a facilitator in learning and he should know how to facilitate the students. Then what is to do? Lets talk about different techniques used by the teachers.

The Learning Camps

      One of my friends Mr. P. S. Rajput told me about learning camps; an innovative activity for primary classes. Learning camp is a concept where teachers find the students with different learning levels and classify them in some groups and he teaches them into groups. It is a good activity and teachers can apply in their classrooms. 

"Learning Camp" as an innovative activity and it is a good idea for primary classes and middle school classes. It is only an idea and here the teacher   has a freedom to opt this idea or not.

Why "Learning Camp" is useful for classrooms?

        Generally teachers find different learning levels students. For example some students are weak in fundamental Mathematics and some students are good in fundamental mathematics. When a teacher starts his work he finds that some students are learning well while others are not learning properly. Some students can learn fast while others could not run with the teacher. So it is a good idea to classify them in different groups and students feel easy now. Students with a slow learning speed can learn with their normal speed within their groups.

        The group of fast learning students will be useful for fast learners. Here the fast learners feel easy and comfortable. In many schools where the student's strength is high, there are many sections and it may be good idea to classify them into several groups. Hence it is an idea; it may be suitable for students and student's welfare. Nobody should be feeling uneasy. However it can be use within small classes too. What are your ideas about this?

Group learning is an idea generally used in Active Learning Methodology (A.L.M.) and Activity Based Learning (A.B.L.). Group learning activities have many advantages where teacher can make the groups of the students. She/he can be dividing the students according the needs of the situation. He can make the groups of the fast learners and slow learners and of many types. These are the ideas which can be used in classrooms.

"Learning Camps" or such activities can be used for a practical and it is not compulsory that these activities are compulsory for each school and for each class. When we say such activities "innovative" that means these learning activities may be a solution for the specific problem. Where is the need there may be an innovation.

      If there are more students in a class, it is a helping idea for teachers to teach them in several groups of several learning levels. All the discussion is not complete without saying this 'Slow learners and fast learners both are the students. It needs to justify both types of the students.'

In this post these are my own ideas. What do you think on this?

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