Dangers of Extremely Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification: Story-1
This story is about a teacher named Surendra. Ones Mr. Surendra had to go in a school for experimental teaching. His session was of 10 days. Within these 10 days he has to teach the students of 6th to 10th standard. He has to prepare lesion plan for his teaching. Mr. Surendra was an ambitious and a teacher with a good teaching attitude. He had a good knowledge of good motivational techniques that how to motivate student’s behavior and how to change student’s behavior to get a better output.

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Dangers of Extremely Behavior Modification.

This story is about the motivational techniques and the dangers of the extremely behavior modifications. How an extremely modification can change the attitude and the way of thinking of any person and how this can be a harmful stage when any person feel the strong and extremely modification in his behaviour.

Adjustment is The Key to Happiness

Mr. Surendra prepared his lesson plan with a unique style where he put some extra-ordinary example and various interesting teaching learning materials. His behavior is full with affection and respect. Students liked him very much. He used a few psychological techniques too.

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All students got attracted by Mr. Surendra’s behavior. The 10 days had over. At the last day all students assembled and asked his address and contact number. He gave them his address. What happened after he left that school? Some of them students who were extremely attracted by his behavior reached his home ones and twice he did not thinned about this but when this frequency reached at a high level he worried about this why it happened?

Student behaviour modification

Actually Mr. Surendra used some behavior modification techniques where anyone try to change the person’ behavior. But this was an extra-ordinary thing that there is no matter of such abnormal behavior. He went that school’s principal and asked about them students. The principal told about those students that they have been doing abnormal behavior in school. They did not take interest in classes of any teacher and they have been comparing all of them with Mr. Surendra.

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School principal and Mr. Surendra analyzed the situation and they reached the root of the problem. Mr. Surendra’s behavior was simple, affectionate and comedian and students liked this. This is a very simple process when anyone liked anyone’s behavior and they want the same behavior from another person but sometimes it is not possible because any person have his particular nature and behavior. Mr. Surendra convinced the students and guides them. He helped them to realize the situation and the limits. He told them to not making contact with him again.

In our life sometimes we do not notice our behavior too but when the limits reaches at the extremely level and it is affection another person’s behavior it is important to pay attention about this. If there is a high dose or extremely situation of feelings and emotions it may be harmful of dangerous.

This is the first part of this topic. I would like to write something more stories on this topic. This is a topic of psychology and teachers have to face many conditions and situations. They have to know about these things too. Yes, there are various techniques and tricks to change the behavior and many people use these techniques.

Sometimes we do not know what we have been doing but our behavior affects the others. Sometimes it is essential to understand the changes in behavior in the other person who is near or close with us. We have to observe if there we are wrong or not. If we are wrong or we have been giving something extra-ordinary to other person, is it not an addiction for him?
Human life and behavior is so extend and it have to be understand.

In this article about the changes or modification in behavior these are my own ideas. Please share your ideas and experiences and views on this topic.

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