Changing the school is not a bad idea

    I want to share a story with you about my child. Last year My 5 year old child had been studying in a school in nursery class. I observed his behavior and attitude throughout the year. He pretended throughout the year to go to school and he did not take interest in doing homework and told that he do not want to go to school. This year I changed his school. I admitted him in a new school and observed him. I find an awesome change. He was pleased with the starting day. Now he feels happy to school. He is taking interest in school and homework, and there is not any excuse to deny going to school.
What are the reasons behind it? I analyzed the reasons and factors. I realized some main reasons.

The friend circle:

    In old school he had been complaining that no one was his friend. But in new school, he has many friends to talk and play. He is going to school with his friends and he feels happy. In new school he has a wide opportunity to make new friends. In new school he finds the adoptive atmosphere and I think it is suitable for him.

School atmosphere:

   In old school there were not any playing toys and equipment, but in a new school he enjoyed to playing. He is very excited with school’s atmosphere. He feels happy in new atmosphere. Now school is an interesting place for him.

Affection and caring:

Cute Baby Girl Child affection And caring, school changing idea

    In the new school his cousin is also studying in the school. His cousin cares him. He does not feel alone. Now his confidence level was increased. He finds a company from the home. Many children are now going with him in the bus. He finds the best friends and companions. Child wants affection and caring always.

Old school vs new school

    In old school, he has to go alone from the home. There was not any closed friend. He felt unsecured. There was not any child to care him, so he was unhappy, but now in a new school he is happy and his learning attitude is fine.

   This story tells the importance of “Changing the school and workplace”. A child needs the best atmosphere, the best parental care, the best companions and the best diet for his best development. So it is the need of time to change the surrounding and the situations according his needs. 

New school as a Turning point for the child

It is a turning point for the child to choose the school. Similarly a teacher is also needed the situations. But in many places the transfer system is so rigid that the system does not consider about teacher’s problems and his needs. If any teacher finds some unfavorable conditions at his workplace (school), how he can perform the best?  Our system has to focus on this point. If we want to find out the best output we have to make transfer system easy and teacher friendly.

   In this article these are my own ideas. What are your experiences? Please share with this blog. If you want to get my links, please like my Google plus page “Innovative education”.

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