Teach Geography with an Interesting Way

Innovative and Creative ways to teach geography. It may be more and more interesting subject when we will use a few innovative and creative technology to teach students.

Geography is an interesting subject which is taught under social science (or social studies) in our primary and middle school classes. Which type of teaching strategies do you use in your classroom- visual learning, auditory learning?

Innovative and Creative ways to teach geography. How the geography teacher can use interesting teaching methodologies in the classroom. Tips and tricks.

Geography interesting way of teaching

Here we are discussing some smart, active and fascinating and useful tips may be used in Geography teaching in primary and middle classes.

What are the smart and innovative techniques and ideas in Geometry teaching? We would like to discuss the different type techniques used by teachers in many countries. Let's discover what are the latest trends in Geography Education. Your teaching learning experiences are welcome.

Geography Teaching At Primary School Level

In primary school syllabus, generally geography is introduced with the awareness of local environment. In early classes there are many exercises about our colony, village, town, school environment, Gram Panchayat (In India) and related simple knowledge about our environment. It is the beginning to learning the Geography. At this level, the student becomes able to learn the geography with the understanding of the environment.

Teachers can use some of the more attractive Geography teaching ides in their classroom. At primary level, the teacher has to use some interesting techniques to teach the Geography. “Interesting Geography”; It should be a nice term for teachers and students.”

In a smart school class, he can use captivating documentary films or projectors to explain the geometrical concepts. If the teacher can make multimedia lesson plans, he can prepare and present the lessons on local environment. Such type of activities may be very effective to make the Geography education innovative and need based. He can use some visiting activities like a visit of local place and make the student familiar about Geography.

Geography Teaching At Middle School Level

When students reached in middle school classes, their learning and comprehensive level increased. So, teachers can use something different type teaching learning techniques within the classroom. There are many smart and innovative ideas about Geography teaching in middle school classes. In a classroom, there are many cool ideas about geographical activities are given in the textbooks.

Wise curriculum

Many educational boards designed the curriculum wisely so that students can understand the Geography with an interesting way. Teacher can arrange some visiting activities like educational excursion to increase the student’s knowledge and experience. It is an exciting Geography teaching idea for teachers.

Traditional and smart classes

There are mainly two types of classes; traditional classes and smart classes. Each type of class has its unique importance. So use the appropriate teaching technique for your classroom. In a traditional classroom, teachers must have to use suitable lesson plan to make their lesson effective, impressive and attractive. Use of e-learning tool is an extraordinary idea for smart teachers.

Interesting stories on particular topic

It is a nice idea to make your teaching appealing and remarkable by interesting stories about the particular topics. Teacher can prepare an album of related places by the help of newspapers and magazines or by internet. In a smart class, a teacher can prepare a PowerPoint presentation for those places. He can provide an online project for the group of students to prepare such digital album.

How to make Geography an interesting activity?

Want to make Geography learning a fascinating activity; it is very helpful to use something innovative techniques within the classroom. Use captivating geography teaching ideas in your classroom teaching learning and make learning a fun, you will find many wonderful results. There are many teaching learning materials and teaching resources available in schools like atlas, globe charts, maps, and so many.

So many cool ideas

It is very fascinating for students to discover any place in a map or globe, and such type activities inspire them to learn by doing. Textbook exercises are very useful for teachers and students because many exercises make it easy to learn by “Self directed Learning”. Using some inspirational activities may lead to create attraction in the particular subject. Using the student's creativity and enhance students expression is another cool idea to make learning a fun and captivating activity for the students.

Project Work in Geography for Middle School Students

It is a creative idea for middle school students like 6th, 7th or 8th grades students. Project work is a smart idea to enhance student’s creativity and comprehension level.

Project works provide great opportunities for the teachers as well as the students to discover the new ideas in learning. In Geography, there are many exciting ideas for project work.

Model and project work

Students can prepare different type models as project work. Teachers can use these projects as in research and also as teaching learning material.

Many easy, interesting and cool ideas are given in the textbooks. To apply this idea, it is essential to maintain each student’s separate file (It may be named as student’s profile) in which the written project work will be saved.

Inspiring objects

There are many inspiriting and innovative objectives of this project work. For smart and digital schools, teachers can facilitate the students to prepare the digital project work using the computers.

Modern Technology in Education:

Modern technology has provided a gateway to knowledge on an extraordinary scale. Teaching resources and educational software are readily available on any subject you care to think of. There are YouTube instructional videos in abundance and many authoritative websites.

Making learning is Fun

Finding ways to motivate children to learn and making learning fun is so important. It is time to ensure technology integration in pioneering education to make learning a fun. Using multimedia tools in Geography teaching is an attention-grabbing idea for innovative teachers.

Digital Tools in Geography Teaching

The whole world is aware about technology integration in education. So, it is an important to talk about some digital tools, techniques and interesting Geography teaching ideas in teaching Geography.

What are the Digital Tools for Geometry Teaching? There are many teaching learning tools those are very useful in geometry teaching. For example, there is a topic about “The Mountains of Australia”; if teacher want to make the presentation more remarkable, he can use “Google Earth”.

There are many websites useful to explore the teaching concept widely. Internet and computers are very useful teaching material for innovative educators. Teacher has a great opportunity to search and share the useful information on his topic within the seconds. If he feels any difficulty in any topic, he can move to the internet and can make his classroom presentation more and more authentic.

E-learning tools are very helpful for teachers to prepare an interesting presentation. Using the computers is a very nice idea for teachers. Computer can explain many topics easily. Using computers and projectors, a teacher can make his lesson easy and interesting. Every so often, it is able to minimize the teacher’s written work.

How to Teach Geography with an Interesting Way. Most important thing is that teachers have to teach students with creativity.

Multimedia presentation is very useful to explain some hard topics easily. The students can learn better by this approach. The methods like traditional teaching like activity based learning may be used in a digital class or smart classroom to make the learning more remarkable. What is your idea about “Digital Presentation” or “Digital Project”?

In this article, these are my ideas. What are your innovative ideas on this topic? How can a teacher make “Geography” an interesting subject for the students? Share your valuable ideas with this post. If you want to know more about this blog “Innovative Education”, please the page “About This Blog”. You can visit and like the Google Plus page “Innovative Education” to get all the links.