Internet and Social Interaction New Lessons

     Internet and Social Interaction New Lessons in Social studies. Teaching social communication should be an important part of our curriculum. Social behavior and learning is a very important aspect for overall development of the child. We cannot ignore this important topic in our academic section it is the reason why Social Science or Social Studies is included as a main part of our syllabus. But we can see many significant changes in student's social learning and social behavior within last few years due to many changes in society and life style. 

     Internet and Social Interaction

Internet social interaction

      Technology development and the accessibility of new modes of communication is the main reason for this. Let's talk how new communication devices change the student's daily routine and life style and why education department and schools need to pay a proper attention on this.
It is advisable that teaching social communication should be included in teacher training programs.
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Excessive uses of Online Communication

      When internet is not used as a means of communication people communicate by other traditional way. There is a vast opportunity to socially interactions. A person gets-together with each other. As internet is available and students use it in blooms they get an amazing means of communication. 

Disciplined mobile behaviors for children.
        Students spend a lot of time on internet on social networking sites. It minimizes their time for many social activities as get-together with real life friends, relatives and family members. Excessive and not-controlled use of internet and social networking sites cause many disorders.

A key is combining progressive teaching practices and learning models with safe social media and digital learning tool use that actually results in improved student understanding.

Will Digital Learning Take Place The Traditional Learning?

    It is important to teach the students to use self-controlled and well-organized use of internet and social networking websites. If there is seem internet addiction it needs to pay a proper attention and there is a need to socialize them.   

Watching the Internet Addiction

      Many students have been using internet on their mobile phones. It gives them an opportunity to stay online every time. It is true that internet is a powerful and amazing source of knowledge and communication but there should be some guidelines for students to use the internet.

Internet addiction is a result of unlimited, undisciplined use of net. It causes many harmful symptoms.

    It is an important thing to observe that they are using it properly and not going to be an internet addict. It is good idea to add few topics in our syllabus about internet security, internet manners, disciplined use of internet and the healthy way to use internet and social networking sites. 


      It is matter of 21st century's teaching because internet is going to be a part of our life and it is affecting many things and habits. It is an important topic so it should be included in teacher training programs or a part of social studies.

Social Interaction Training

       As a responsible citizen social behavior is a very important thing for teachers/students and for anyone. We read sometime in newspapers that there are few organization have been organizing social interaction programs for internet addicts. In 21st century's education it is needed to provide proper social interaction training for teachers and students. 

Social interaction practices are important for us. Internet technology changed many habits.

To maintain online communication is important and to maintain real life communication is also important. As a responsible teachers and parents it is a main task to observe student's social communication, social behavior and social skills. There may be included few topics in teachers-training programs and parents-teachers gathering.
Activity Based Learning

   Technology is useful but it needs to be use in self-ordered and well-manner so we can get maximum benefits by it. 

     In this article about "Internet and social interaction" these are my own ideas and they are not expressing the views of any organization or authority. What is your opinion on this? Would you like to add something in this article? Your ideas are always welcome.

Anil Sahu

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